Functions and responsibilities

  1. To be the core agency in proposing policy, master plan, and measures for water resources management, development, rehabilitation, utilization and problem solving as well as directing and coordinating the implementation;

  2. To set guidelines on preparation of action plans for water resources management, development, conservation and rehabilitation, with emphasis on public participation;

  3. To study, research, survey, develop, conserve and rehabilitate water resources;

  4. To monitor and evaluate water resources management in accordance with the policy, master plans, action plans and measures specified for national and basin levels,

  5. To develop database and information network systems pertaining to water resources:

  6. To specify or recommend amendments or additions to laws, rules and regulations relating to the management of the country’s water resources;

  7. To promote, disseminate, publicize, and transfer water-related technology including campaigns to build awareness and understanding among various organizations and stakeholders to fully realize the importance of water resources;

  8. To coordinate with other countries and international organizations in relation to water resources;

  9. To promote and provide technical support and advice on standards and legislation in relation to water resources management to government agencies and local authorities; and

  10. To carry out other duties as stipulated by law or assigned by the Ministry or the Cabinet.



Department of Water Resources
Address : 180/3 Rama VI Road, Soi 34, Samsaen Nai, Phyathai,Bangkok 10400.
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